The thought of dating after being infected with a sexually transmitted infection is enough to terrify a lot of people. It is usually the stigma attached with herpes and lack of resources that make it difficult for herpes singles to get back to dating and find a companion.

There was a time when those infected with an incurable disease such as herpes thought that they’d never be able to date and make love again. Due to the lack of adequate resources, people also found it very tough to cope up with the condition, especially when they experiences outbreaks / symptoms.

Although people have become more sympathetic towards those infected, things aren’t normal yet and the society continues to remain skeptical about those affected with these viruses. HerpesDating.me.uk is a revolutionary platform that acts as an all-round service provider to those looking to get into a relationship despite the fact that they’re infected.

HerpesDating.me.uk aims to end this stigma and encourage people to get back to the dating scenario. We believe that a minor infection cannot mark the end to your love life and there is always more than what meets the eye. As a matter of fact, herpes affects every 1 in 5 individuals in the United Kingdom, which ensures you have plenty of people to connect with.

The reason behind the introduction of HerpesDating.me.uk is to help people from all walks of life and different racial backgrounds, having herpes to connect with each other and support those in need to overcome the trauma usually associated with a sexually transmitted infection.

Joining Herpes dating UK is absolutely charge – free and all you need to do it enter your email address, followed by a username and password. You may then proceed onto the extensive process of profile creation where you’d be able to convey everything to other like – minded people. We give our members enough flexibility so that they can create a unique profile, which helps them stand out from the crowd.

We also understand that communication plays a vital role in the growth of a relationship and this is why we have loaded the site with several communication options such as the private mailbox and a dedicated IM client, a feature that you’ve been using on major social networking sites.

Here are some of the note–worthy features that make this site the best in class:

·Auto – matchmaking: Check out a list of automatically generated suggestions based on information in your profile.
·Notifications: Receive real time notifications via email when there is some activity on your profile.
·Interact with the community: Thanks to the availability of the blog and forum sections, you’d be able to interact with a larger section of the audience effortlessly.
·Chat options: Send emails or instant messages to people whom you wish to know better.
·Privacy: We have given impetus on the importance of privacy thereby giving users complete control over every aspect of the website and their profiles.

A modern online dating experience

HerpesDating.me.uk boasts of a modern user interface that has been designed to cater to the needs of a diverse membership base. Also, we have ensured that the usability of this site isn’t hampered by a complicated design. Every feature on this site is easily accessible and thanks to the ever – growing subscriber base, finding an ideal match wouldn’t be an issue.