Herpes dating tips for men in UK

Herpes dating tips for men in UK

According to recent statistics, every 1 in 5 men in the United Kingdom is infected with the herpes simplex virus and is vulnerable to transmitting it to people he comes in contact with (STD trends in UK). This asymptomatic virus doesn’t always show any symptoms but this doesn’t mean that the person isn’t capable to spreading it to other people.

Another disturbing fact about herpes is that people infected with this strain of the virus are likely to spread it even through direct physical contact. This refers not only to oral sex but also physical contact with infected areas such as lips. For instance, if the person has oral sex and he kisses a baby, he/she is vulnerable to get the virus instantly. This is why this STD is always on the rise and experts haven’t been able to curb nick it in the bud.

Gone are the days when people having any sexually transmitted disease stayed aloof from the rest of the world. It was long back when STD’s were considered as a social stigma and people were not so open about it. In today’s time with more than half of the population having some or the other sexually transmitted disease, people have become more receptive towards dating people with Herpes.

No matter in which part of the world you are located, what is your age and sexual orientation, there is someone out there for you. The only need is to find that person and change your life for good. For those men who are new to herpes dating in UK and are apprehensive while looking for love, here are few dating tips for them, which would make the dating process easier and effortless:

·Disclose at the onset: A relationship that is based on lies and dishonesty cannot survive for long. For a relation to survive the test of time, the most important component is to be honest about your condition. Before you get into a relation with someone, disclose your condition, so that they know where they are heading. Once you are straightforward with them and help them understand your condition, they can accept you truly with all their heart.

·Be patient: It might take time for someone to accept you with your condition. During the course of time when they are under the process of understanding you and your condition, be patient and give them the take they need. Know that it is all new for them, but the fact that they are still ready to give it a fair chance is truly recommendable and thoughtful. While they are doing their bit, do not judge or get opposed and stay calm.

·Follow complete medication: Before you get intimate with each other, take precautions so that your partner does not affected by the virus. Wear condoms, go on suppressive medication and avoid sexual contact before, during, and after outbreaks. These few precautions would help you avoid a troublesome situation.

Remember that, just like any other sexually transmitted infection, herpes has no cure. This means that once you have it, the virus stays forever. As women are more susceptible to getting infected, it is advised that you follow precautions. You wouldn’t want to be blamed for gifting an STD, do you? If you want your relation to stay for long, then just follow these few tips. And if you are wondering where to find that person who would accept you the way you are, then herpes dating websites would help you meet and form connections.

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- September 7, 2015