How to manage a long distance relationship with you have herpes?

Let’s accept it – long distance relationships are tough. Not only is there a lack of intimacy but also of serious commitment. Oftentimes, trust becomes a major issue in these relationships and people begin to doubt their partners for having been involved with somebody else. However, when we bring a sexually transmitted infection such as herpes into the picture, things tend to get extremely complex.

Although dating experts advise ( long term relationship mistakes) people with herpes to choose a specialized herpes dating site when they looking for a companion on being tainted with the infection, a lot of people opt for a general dating site. The problem arises when they fall in love with someone they’ve met on a site like this but hesitate to reveal details of their medical condition.


Here are a few guidelines that you’re required to comply with while seeking a long distance relationship when you have herpes:

·Confront him about your condition: If you feel that the person is perfect for you, it is recommended that you give him every detail of your medical condition. Tell him what herpes is all about and that it wouldn’t have a detrimental impact on their relationship. On the other hand, also ask your partner is he / she is already carrying the virus. This would certainly make things easier for you in the near future. One mistake that a lot of people commit is talk about the condition via texting. Given the sensitivity of the issue, wouldn’t it be better if you meet up and speak about it face to face?

·Set some ground rules: Every relationship requires a set of ground rules, which would help in keeping the expectations in check. This is essential so that neither of you does anything that takes the other person by surprise. For instance, what is your commitment level? Are you open to seeing other people? It is always better to convey your expectations before getting into a relationship.

·Don’t let communication be a barrier: Modern herpes dating sites in the UK such as come loaded with a host of communication options that can certainly help you keep in touch with loved ones. Alternatively, once you’ve added the element of exclusivity, you can exchange number or have a webcam chat. Make sure you don’t overdo it, as this might be considered as an attempt to intrude privacy. Make sure you give your partner some space and never be very possessive.

·Speak about your sexual desires: Sexual desire is a very important part of the relationship that helps in creating a stronger bonding. Apart from being a biological need, sex is an emotional desire as well. Tease each other via flirtatious text messages and videos. In addition, sexy puns would work as well. Remember, no couple can be in a distance relationship forever. You’d have to set the tone for a conventional relationship before things go out of your control.

·Do similar things: Distance doesn’t matter if you do the same things, regardless of time zones. Recommend books, TV shows, movies, music to each other. When you do things together, you’d have a lot in common to talk about. Isn’t it good to share common interests? This is definitely a good way to share experiences.

Managing a long distance relationship when you have herpes isn’t very difficult provided you execute the first step to perfection. Things tend to get smoother when you’re on the same page.

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- August 26, 2015